Monday, March 22, 2010

Lazy Weekend

This weekend was pretty low key. Friday night Caddy and I went to my parents' house and we went to Martin's BBQ in Nolensville for dinner. I had a BBQ sandwich and fresh cut fries...It was really good! After dinner we relaxed at the house and watched basketball. I was really lazy and didn't even go home. I shacked at the parents' for the night. It is so nice having them close and getting to spend time with them basically whenever I want.

Caddy and the Queen of the house, Emma

Saturday morning Mom treated me to a mani/pedi and we hurried home to watch the VOLS play! Caddy even put on his Vols gear to show his support! =) The Vols won and advanced to the Sweet 16!

Caddy loves the VOLS too!

Saturday night I went to Flying Saucer to celebrate Lauren and Jeff's birthday. The boys had been at the bar all day watching basketball, so needless to say, the birthday boy didn't last very long. Rachel and I beat the boys in darts, we all had a few drinks and then headed home like the old people we are. =(

Me and Meg

Me and the Birthday Girl

I slept late on Sunday; I am still trying to recover from last week's sickness. I spent the rest of the day being lazy and watching basketball, of course. Sunday night I FINALLY got to see New Moon and I loved it! Bring on Eclipse!

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  1. I am going to have to find Knox a UT jersey. I think that is the only clothing Fred will let him wear.