Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yep, that's right...this weekend I am celebrating one of best friend's retirement...from the single life! Meg will soon be Mrs. Aaron Grunke so all the girls are going on a little road trip to celebrate. Charlotte, NC I hope you're ready for the craziness coming your way on Friday morning. Natasha has planned a wonderful weekend and I know Meg is going to have a BLAST. Hopefully we have a few surprises for her. 14 of us will be meeting in Charlotte Friday afternoon for a weekend of fun. Good thing we have a holiday Monday to recover. I promise a full post next week recapping the weekends festivities. I really just wanted to give Meg a little more excitement. I know she is basically busting at the seams with exciting already :) Meg, we love you and can't wait to spend a whole weekend celebrating you and your retirement ;) I love you!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

BIG Hugs from Nashville

Today is my best friend Sara's birthday. Sara and I met the end of our freshman year and have been pretty much inseparable every since...minus the 425 miles that currently separate our homes. I often refer to her as my other half. It never fails when we are together that someone asks if we are twins. When we say no, that we are just friends, they don't believe us. We don't get to see each other near as often as we would like, but when we are together it's just like we've never been apart. She is always there to tell me the truth, whether I like it or not and I will always be thankful for that. Sara got married on May 1, so I guess technically she is Jason's other half now...but he knew I was part of the deal when he married her :)

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY bestest! I hope you have an amazing day. I am so sad that we are apart and are not able to celebrate together. I can't wait until the next time we are together to play. I love you and I miss you like crazy!

BIG hugs and kisses from Nashville :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's a Sip of Wine, It's Summertime

Last Saturday I ventured out to Arrington Vineyards with some of my favorites....Bev, Christian, Meg, Aaron, Jeff and Natasha. It was hot hot hot, but we had so much fun. We took a picnic dinner of sandwiches, veggies, chips, fruit, pasta salad, cookies, and wine of course. I had never been to Arrington so I had been looking forward to it since we planned it weeks ago. It did not disappoint. A great place to spend time with friends. I can't wait to go back sometime soon. Here are a few pictures from our trip...

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Loose Family

Loose and I met in college through a mutual friend and have kept in touch, even before I lived in Nashville. It was so nice to meet his family and see where he grew up. It is always nice to see where your friends grew up and see things that are important to them that you wouldn't see on a normal basis. I was honored that he asked me to capture some pictures of his family and even more so once I saw how much the farm meant to them. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day...
how cute are these two?

maybe my favorite shot of the day

Oak Crest Farm

I shared a few pictures yesterday and as promised am sharing more now. Actually there are so many that I am going to split them into two different posts. I LOVED being out in the country on the farm. Don't get me wrong, I love living down the street from Target but I have a soft place in my heart for the country. There were so many neat details at Oak Crest Farm and I thought I would share a few....or maybe more than a few :) Enjoy!
Geoff's grandparents had an antique shop in the
old log cabin on the farm...these blocks are still there
the out house...the only thing left standing
of an old house site

I thought this wreath was so cool

I made Loose stop the 4-wheeler for this
shot of a dead tree-I think it was worth it :)
I couldn't resist snapping a shot
of this butterfly
one of my favorite things-so much
***I learned alot about the farm and the different buildings on the property while I was there...I hope I remembered all the details correctly

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sneak Peek: The Loose Farm

I promise there are more where these came from....just a quick sneak peek of my shoot today...enjoy!