Thursday, September 30, 2010

Melea's Wedding

The wedding was held at Melea's church where she grew up. Bob seemed very nervous and pretty much broke down as soon as he saw Melea--it was adorable. :) The ceremony was perfect and you could really tell how much these two love each other. Melea was BEAUTIFUL in her BIG veil. The veil was PERFECT for Melea, but I don't know many other people who could pull it off. :) After the wedding we all headed out for the reception back at the hotel ballroom. We ate and danced the night away. The high point of the night was the money dance. Now I have seen "money" dances before but they were nothing like this. People "paid" money to dance with the bride. Once they had their quick spin, the guest received a glass of punch (traditionally a shot). Then after everyone had their turn (or two), all the guests started dancing around Melea and waving napkins in the air. Then Bob had to "break the circle" in order to get to his bride. As you can see from the pictures, his friends did not make it easy for him! I have never seen this at a wedding but apparently it is common in Pittsburgh where Bob is from. It was so fun to watch! Congrats Bob and Melea!!! I think you two are perfect for each other and I'm so glad that you found each other. I can't wait to visit you in Savannah!
Bob waiting for Melea saying their vows
cutest little flower girl outfit "you may kiss the bride"
my other half and her other half
Jason and the bride
me, Melea, Sara
her beautiful cake--see that top layer? yeah, the caterers
cut it & served it to the guests! not cool!
Bob's cake!
can you tell how much fun they are having?!?
money dance
trying to free his bride


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