Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Days 6 - 14

Day 6: A Picture that Makes You Happy

This is a picture of my Goddaughter Addyson and her new baby sister Abigail. I took this a couple of weekends ago when Abigail was about 8 days old. I love them so much. How could this not make me happy?

Day 7: Favorite Movies

Steel Magnolias, Wedding Crashers, Stepmom, The Notebook, & The Blind Side

There are many more but those are some I could watch over and over again.

Day 8: A Place You've Traveled To


Last summer I traveled to China with my MBA program. We visited Hong Kong, Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai. It was amazing. Beijing was my favorite. The Olympia Village (bird's nest, water cube, etc.) and The Great Wall were amazing.

me in front of the Water Cube (where Michael Phelps made history)

The Great Wall We wrote our names & family names, etc on the Great Wall,
but I had to add a little TN Vols love to the wall :)

inside the Bird Nest (where the opening ceremonies and
track competitions were held at the 2008 Olympic Games)

this building was SO cool

Day 9: A Picture of Your Friends

Ok, so this is more than one picture...sue me :) These people are my support system. I love them.

My Memphis girl friends (April, Me, Haley, Natalie)most of my best girl friends on my birthday last year...I had never
had them all in the same place at was very special to me
(Bev, Natasha, Me, April, Sara)

friends at Meg's Wedding
(Natasha, Adam, Me, Rachel, Bev)

friends at Natasha's engagement party
(Rachel, Me, Natasha, Meg, Julie, Lauren)

Day 10: Something You're Afraid Of

Losing someone I love. Yes, I'm scared of heights and spiders and snakes and bugs, but what I am most afraid of is losing someone I love.

Day 11: Favorite TV Shows

I might embarrass myself with the number of TV shows I am going to list, but here goes....

Big Brother, Survivor, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Criminal Minds, House, Project Runway (plus a few more)

Day 12: What You Believe

God Is Good, All the Time

Day 13: Goals

I want to have a successful photography business, not sure if I want it to remain part-time or eventually become full time. I want to be successful at whatever I do. Most of all, I want to me a good wife and mother one day.

Day 14: A Picture You Love

I have tons of pictures that I love...but who doesn't love those chunky legs?!? I mean they are just adorable. This is my friend Haley's little girl Emerson. :)


  1. Aw :). I love that you put Big Brother first... BB4Life. haha. Your God daughter and her sister are the cutest ever! And yes, GOD IS GOOD! love you!

  2. Addyson is beautiful. And I love Emerson's legs. I know she didn't get them from Haley! You are so talented! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. How could you possibly forget "hello puppy" and Nicole Kidman in your favorite movies. Im surprised they're not just pre-filled in that category :-)

  4. Haha love the choices in pics!! Love you!