Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Haley, Gracie, and Emerson

While I was in Memphis a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to shoot some pictures of my friend Haley and her daughters. Haley is one of my dearest friends. Not only is she a great friend but she is an OUTSTANDING mother to Gracie (3) and Emerson (2 months). I was honored that she asked me to take pictures of her beautiful family. I can't wait to shoot some more as the little ones grow! Haley and her girls are beautiful, so it was hard to chooose, but below are some of my favorites from our session.


  1. LOVE that you're finally back in the blogging world, lady. and such sweet pictures! oh and you may already know, but look under my 'fun blogs' on my page, and Coffee Shop has some reeeaaally wonderful free PS action sets. i haven't taken pictures in forever so i really haven't gotten a chance to play with them, but i downloaded them all! pioneer woman also has some, but i don't like hers as much.

  2. I know I have already told you but you did such a good job photographing the girls! Aren't my nieces the cutest things ever? My loves :) We will definitely do a cousin shoot when baby Carter gets here. I am excited for you and your photography business venture!

  3. By the way, my name is Politico because I had to do a blog in law school and now I don't know how to change it. This is Holly :)