Saturday, April 24, 2010

Be The Match

My friend Jacqueline inspired me in this post to check into the National Bone Marrow Registry program. In high school a very good friend of mine, Scott, had cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma). My best friend Kim was Scott's girlfriend and Scott's best friend Troy was my boyfriend so we were all pretty close. Scott was one of the best people I have ever known. I first met Scott when I was pretty young and Troy's older sister was my babysitter during the summer. Yep, that's right....I first met my first love because his sister was my babysitter. Small world and funny how things work out. Scott was kind of quiet but when he opened his mouth it was hilarious, especially when it was a smart a$$ comment, which it often was. Scott loved baseball. I remember him getting chemo or some other kind of awful test and then going and playing ball the same day. It was as if his pain and sickness disappeared when he stepped on the field. He spoiled Kimberly rotten. He inspired more people than he knew and he fought so hard. Scott passed away his senior year of high school...before he could graduate, before he could live his dream of playing college baseball, and before he could stand up for his best friend in his wedding. I remember being heartbroken that God didn't heal Scott. We were all so convinced that he was going to be healed. I know God is good and Scott plays baseball in Heaven now but it didn't make it any easier for his family and friends. So I joined the bone marrow registry in honor of Scott A. Elrod. Scott didn't have a bone marrow transplant but if that would have saved him, I know we would have all prayed for someone to be a match and save his life. I can't imagine what it feels like to know that you are giving someone a second chance at life. Yes, it might hurt a little but it won't come near the hurt that occurs when you loose someone you care about. So, I received my packet this week, completed it tonight and am now officially part of the bone marrow registry. Now I just wait for the call, the call to help save someones life. I can't imagine how good that would feel!

Scott Alan Elrod

My Registry Packet

My samples all ready to be sent off

To check out the Bone Marrow Registry click here and Be The Match!


  1. Candice! That is so so awesome! I'm so proud of you! You are such a loving, caring person and you never seize to amaze me with your selflessness.

  2. Yay!!! So glad you joined the registry!!! :)