Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday...SUMMER Time

Top 2 Favorite Things About Summer

First of all, sorry I have been a blog slacker lately. I have been so busy preparing for my best friend's wedding on Saturday, slammed at work, and studying for the dreaded CPA exam. I promise I won't be a terrible blogger forever!

Ok, on to Top 2 Tuesday...My favorite things about summer are...

1. Vacation and River Weekends:

The Tate's Cabin--I blogged about my family's (Dad and Step-mom side) cabin at the river here. I absolutely love spending as much time as possible there. My Dad and Step-mom Cindy are wonderful and I love spending the weekends there any time, but especially in the summer!

As a bonus, this summer my Mom and Step-dad are taking me on vacation! I am so excited to be heading to Charleston on May 21 for an entire week! Hopefully I will sit for the first part of my CPA the week before, so I will definitely need some relaxation. Plus, I'm hoping to spend some time with my photographer friend Leslie while I am there.

2. Photo Shoots: As most of my readers know, I am an aspiring photographer and summer is a great time to shoot photos. Long days of sunlight make it easy to shoot even after work before it gets dark. Click here to see some images from my latest shoot and let me know if you are interested in posing in front of them camera! :)

Ok, back to far less entertaining things than blogging :(

What are your 2 favorite things about summer? Jump on over to The Undomestic Momma and play along!


  1. Love your summer picks! So fun!!

  2. Wow that Cabin looks so neat!! I love Summer because of photo ops too!! It's so much easier to get pretty photos in the summer when Green things are in bloom!!