Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursday Five

I have never done this before but decided to play along this week. Basically you post 5 things that have made you: jubilant, giddy, excited, thankful, & stoked! Basically 5 things that have made you HAPPY :)

1. I got new sunglasses yesterday! What do you think?

2. I caught up with an old friend last night and can't wait to see her next weekend!

3. One of my brother's oldest friends Ryan is getting married on Saturday. Ryan has been part of my brother's life for as long as I can remember and our families are great friends. Although it kind of scares me that he is old enough to get married, I can't wait to celebrate with him and Shannon this weekend!

4. It was confirmed yesterday that we are getting RAISES this year :) Raises were not given last year due to the poor economy and our institution decided they would rather not give raises and not have to let people go--which I definitely agreed with. But this year raises are a go. We don't know how much yet, it might just be 2-3% but something is better than nothing!

5. I am going to Memphis next weekend to visit my friends! I feel like I haven't seen them or their kiddos in months and I can't wait. I am also taking some photos of a dear friend's little boy while I am there. So excited :)

Well there you have it, 5 things that have made me HAPPY lately. What has made you happy lately? Jump on over to Mann Land 5 to play along!

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