Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday

Top Two Tuesday...Favorite Books

This week's topic on Taylor's blog was hard for me...simply because I LOVE reading and have read so many books. I recently read 3 books on my vacation and plan to do book reviews, but just haven't gotten around to them yet. I have lots of favorites, but two of them are....

1. The Twilight Series: I am not a big fan of vampire books/shows/movies in general but I loved this series. I literally would stay awake for hours reading them at night. I was so sad when I finished the 4th book. If you haven't read them...they are a MUST!

2. P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern: It follows the engaging, witty, and occasionally sappy reawakening of Holly, a young Irish widow who must put her life back together after she loses her husband Gerry to a brain tumor. I loved the book, which I read before the movie. The book was way better than the movie, which is often times the case.

***I tried to add pictures, but my computer is being stupid.

What are your 2 favorite books?


  1. I need to finish the Twilight saga. And I loved the P.S. I Love You movie. I didn't know there was a book.

  2. Thanks for linking up! Ill have to check those out!

  3. PS I Love You is my all-time favorite movie. I'm glad the book is good, too!~

    Stopping by from Top Two Tuesday :)

  4. I have just started the Twilight series. I'm about halfway through Twilight. I think I'm glad that I didn't read any of them until they were all written so that I don't have to wait for a new one to come out. Also, P.S was way better as a book than movie. I don't think I could even begin to say which two books would be my favorite, but I can say that The Poisonwood Bible always comes to mind when posed with this question. If you haven't read it, then you should. It is WONDERFUL!!