Friday, March 12, 2010

Hot Yoga

#46: Try something I've never done before

I completed this goal on Thursday night by attending Hot Yoga at Fit-Rx in Brentwood. Hot Yoga is a 90 minute yoga class in a room that is 100-105 degrees and 50-60% humidity. It is to promote sweat and the release of toxins in the body. No problem in the sweat department!

Rachel Gray and Racheal McMeen (who I work with) talked me into buying an unlimited one month pass. So away we went. Truth be told, we were a little nervous but there were several people in the class that had never been, so we didn't feel that bad. It was REALLY, REALLY hot in there. There was definitely lots of sweating going on in that room but I really liked it. The only thing that concerns me is I have heard it can cause terrible headaches. I almost got a migraine Thursday, so I will definitely have to pay attention and be careful. Looks like we will be back at it next week. Hopefully making sure I am well hydrated before class will keep the headaches away.

If you decide to try it, you'll need a yoga mat, large towel to cover the mat, towel to wipe your face, and lots of water.

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