Monday, May 10, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding

I promised you a wedding post and I'm finally getting around to it. I'm sorry, it's been a busy week. I left Nashville on Wednesday after work and headed to Knoxville to get the long wedding weekend started. When I arrived, Sara, Jason, Andrea, Jon and I put together Welcome bags for the out of town guest and came up with a plan for the next day. My job Friday morning was to drop all the welcome bags off at the hotels while Jason and Sara got their marriage license and Andrea and Jon picked up flowers and food. We had a plan.

Thursday morning we started bright and early around 7 am. We all did our assigned tasks and then met back at Rarity Bay to help unload tables and chairs at the wedding and tailgate site. After a busy morning and afternoon, Sara, Andrea, Melea, Darla and I headed into Knoxville for manicure/pedicures and dinner at Savelli's. Oh my goodness....Savelli's was AMAZING! It was about the size of the bottom floor of my townhouse (very small) but SO SO SO GOOD. I can't wait to have an excuse to go back. The girls enjoyed their night out of gossiping, eating and of course, some wine drinking.

The Bride getting her pedicure

Darla and Andrea at dinner

Melea, Me, Sara at dinner

Friday morning was another busy one. We got up early and made bouquets, flower arrangements and set up chairs for the rehearsal at 10am. We had a short rehearsal and then helped set up tables, etc for the wedding before heading to the Riverboat on the lake for the rehearsal lunch. I know a rehears lunch isn't standard, but I thought it was a great idea. Being on the boat was fun and the food was great. After the rehearsal lunch, there was more setting up and preparing for the wedding the next day.

Ethan, Ava, Bongi (Sara's nephew and nieces)
The guests of honor
All the bridesmaids

This might be my most favorite picture of us ever :)

At 6 Friday night it was tailgate time! Sara and Jason love tailgating and thought a tailgate party for everyone would be a great way to get to spend extra time with their out of town guest. We had a lakeside party complete with corn hole and BKW wings! It was so much fun and I think everyone had a blast! After the tailgate I spent the night with Sara as her last night as a single lady. I always envisioned us staying up for hours talking and laughing, but to be honest, we were SO TIRED that we crashed pretty much immediately.

Saturday morning we got up, went to McDonald's and started getting ready for the main event. We ran a few errands and then met all the other ladies at the Korn's (wedding site) around 11. We all had a great time getting ready together and stalking the weather on our cell phones. Around 1 the bottom fell out of the sky and it POURED but luckily around 2 the rain went away...just in time for pictures! After pictures the girls headed to the boat dock to get on the boat! That's right, the girls arrived to the ceremony by boat. It was awesome to have those few minutes of quiet time on the ride over...not to mention the glass (or two!) of wine. :)

The ceremony was short and sweet and absolutely perfect--minus my crying! After the ceremony it was time for a few more pictures and then time to get the party started! The reception was so much fun. We all had a blast!

Baxsley-another niece
cake table--YUMMY

The wedding was absolutely perfect, in large part to Andrea (Sara's sister) for all of her hard work and God for keeping the rain away. I was so honored to stand next to by best friend as she married Jason.

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  1. Love this post...Sara looked gorgeous!!! And that is my fav pick of you two also.