Friday, May 14, 2010

Study Study Study

I did a little catch up blogging tonight (this is the 3rd post!). Sorry I have been somewhat MIA. I am studying for the CPA exam and it is killing me. Not to mention my great uncle John passed away last week and my grandfather had open-heart surgery on Wednesday. I am happy to report that PaPa (my grandfather) is doing wonderful. :) His surgery went well with no problems and earlier today he moved into a regular room. He is 87 and they told him that he did better than some 50 year olds! Recovery will be hard and longer than he wants, but he should be feeling much better in no time.
PaPa last Christmas

Until Wednesday I will pretty much be studying non-stop, with the exception of work, church, and a quick photo shoot on Sunday. I sit for the first part of my exam (Audit) on Wednesday. I am SO nervous. I have always been a good test taker but it is so much harder with work to put in the time really needed to do well. I am being forced to take the exam a few weeks sooner than I had planned, but it will work out. If I don't pass, then I can just retake it at a later date. However, I am going to do my best to squeeze these mountains of information into my head before Wednesday. I would be so proud of myself if I actually pass the first part on the first try!

After my test Wednesday, it's time to relax! My friends are going to help me by joining me for Mexican and Margaritas Wednesday night. I am so looking forward to spending an hour or so with friends and NOT feeling guilty for having my eyes somewhere other than my CPA review book. Then on Saturday I am headed for VACATION! My parents and I are headed to Charleston, SC until the following Friday and then we are going to shack up with the newlyweds Sara and Jason for a couple of nights. My mom, Sara, and I will be going to see Sex and the City 2 on Friday and then we are all headed to the NASCAR race and Charlotte Motor Speedway on Saturday. My step dad Monroe is a big race fan and he jumped at the chance of visiting a track he's never been before. I can't wait for a relaxing week with my family....although we will miss my brother :(
Well I am off to bed so I can get up and study bright and early tomorrow morning. Say an extra prayer for me in the next couple of days and especially on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

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